Food Menu


Served with your choice of Side Salad, Roasted Potatoes, or Fruit

Asian Inspired Omelette

With Japanese Mushrooms, Goat Cheese, Bell Peppers, Tonkatsu Sauce, and sprinkled with Pecan Brittle


Egg in a Hash Nest

Housemade Brisket Hash, Potato, and Cabbage with a local cage free Poached Egg, Kimchi Puree, and One Big Island Sauce
Upgrade to Duck Egg - 4.



This sandwich served on our steamed on a Marie Bette Everything Roll with thick cut Bacon, Arugula, and housemade Tomato Jam.
Add Goat Cheese - 2. Add local cage free Egg - 2 Upgrade to Duck Egg - 4.


Baos & Gravy

Our steamed baos stuffed with Duck and Pancetta with a Szechuan Peppercorn Gravy


French Toast Bake

Brioche Bread Pudding with Sake Macerated Apricots and Cranberries, Bacon, Almonds with House Pancake Syrup


Housemade Scallion Pancake

A crispy Japanese Pancake with Hoisin, Diced Cucumber, and Sesame Seeds with your choice of Chicken, Mushrooms, or our Smokehouse Tofu


Light Fare

Smokehouse Miso

A Dark Miso Broth with Scallion and our own Smokehouse Tofu


Arugula Salad

Sherry Vinegar, Olive Oil, Shallots, and Fresh Herbs


House Salad

Leaf and Romaine Lettuce, Scallions, Grape Tomato, Radish and a Carrot-Ginger Dressing



Sake Mimosa

Our Real Magic sake mixed with Orange Juice and Cava

Bloody Samurai

Our Real Magic sake mixed with Zing Zang, hot sauce, pepper, house pickled veggies, and celery

Magic Mule

Our Real Magic sake mixed with Ginger Beer, Mint and Lime




Craft Sake Cocktails

Sake is one of the most versatile drinks on the planet and can be used as the base for a number of light and refreshing cocktails.

Gentle Giant

This delicious creation is equal parts Mango Nectar and our QUIET GIANT dry sake topped off with Ginger Beer.

Arnold's Agony

Arnold Palmer gets an adult twist! Ice tea mixes delightfully with our Lemon and Mint infused Sake.

Magic Mule

A sake spin on a moscow mule, our magic mule is made from Ginger Beer and our REAL MAGIC with mint to top it off!



Bud Light

Bold Rock Cider IPA

Kirin Light


Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin


Senda Verde, Albarino

Zenato Pinot Grigio

Mont Gravet Rose

Mas Fi Cava Brut

Altano Vinho Tinto

Honoro Vera Garnacha

Catena Cabernet Franc

Lanson Black Label Brut NV

Sodas & Such

La Croix


Coconut Water

Bottled Water

Small Plates

NAS Original Snack Remix

East meets West in our ever-evolving snacking mix


D's Pickled Veg

Housemade Pickled Veggies drizzled with olive oil and furikake seasoning


Smokehouse Style Miso

With our own smoked tofu, scallions, and furikake seasoning


Dumplings in a Smoky Broth

Handmade pork dumplings swimming in a smoky dashi broth with scallion and togarashi


Miso Hummas Plate

With rice crackers, radish, edamame, cucumber, scallions, togarashi and olive oil


Signature Smokehouse Platters

Comes with two sides of your choice.

Diamond Joe Brisket

Slow smoked USDA prime beef brisket rubbed down with espresso, Szechuan pepper and Sea salt, served with a side of soy “jus”


Pulled P-P-P-Pork

Togarashi and brown sugar rubbed pork shoulder slow smoked and basted with Socky, pulled and smothered in our house-made Koji Barbecue Sauce


Smokey and the Tofu

NAS signature smokehouse Tofu with a hoisin glaze and served with house-made Misonaise sauce
(Ask for Gluten-Free Option!)



•Japanese House Salad with Carrot-Ginger Dressing • Arugula Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette •Sushi Rice • Steamed Bao Bun • Kim Chi • Asian Slaw


Japanese Rice Bowls

Tekka Poke Don

Diced yellowfin tuna and salmon poke marinated in sweet soy, mirin, ginger, scallion, tuxedo sesame seeds with seaweed salad, radish, cucumbers, and tobiko, served on a bed of sushi rice.
Add: Avocado +2


Fiery Ahi Bowl

Spicy tuna with cucumber, kim chi, scallions, sesame seeds, seaweed salad, furikake, togarashi, and tobiko served on a bed of sushi rice.
Add: Avocado +2


That Chick Teri

Roasted teriyaki chicken with bell pepper, onions, carrots, garlic, sesame seeds, our signature 3 G’s aioli and crispy fried onions, served on a bed of rice.
Add: Avocado +2


Thai Curry in a Hurry

Chicken, bamboo shoots, baby corn, carrots, scallion, and Thai basil gently simmered in coconut milk and finished with fresh cilantro, served on a bed of rice.


Fun Guy Don

Our house blend of fungi: crimini, portobello, oyster and shitake mushrooms marinated in Mirin thyme vinaigrette with radish, edamame, cucumber, scallions, lemon tahini dressing, and shredded carrots, served on a bed of rice.
Add: Avocado +2, Smokehouse Tofu +3


Smokehouse Sammies

Served on your choice of House Made Steamed Bao Bun or Marie Bette Everything Roll with a house salad and D’s made from scratch pickles

Piled High Pastrami Sammie

Our own house brined and smoked pastrami is a szechuan pepper rubbed Prime Beef carved to order and piled high with spicy caraway mustard, pickles, and kimchi


Smokey and the Tofu Sammie

NAS signature smokehouse Tofu with a hoisin glaze and served banh mi style with miso chickpea hummus, cilantro, arugula, cucumber, pickled shallots and carrots


Pulled P-P-P-Pork Sammie

Togarashi and brown sugar rubbed pork shoulder slow smoked and basted with Socky, pulled then piled atop asian slaw and smothered in our house-made Koji Barbecue Sauce



Teri Teri Bo Barry

Chicken Teriyaki with Rice


P Bao and J

Peanut butter and strawberry jelly on a bao bun




Chewy rice dough surrounds ice cream morsels
Ask your server for today's flavors


About Our Cuisine

Our goal is to combine the ingredients and  flavors of Japanese and Asian cuisine with down south smokey barbecue culture.

Our on-site smoker slow roasts an assortment of meats to create savory dishes.  Just taste any of our baos or dishes that say house-made.

We use sake as a key ingredient in most of our recipes to enhance our flavors. We use koji as the main ingredient in our house made sauces and it gives our dishes a unique depth and umami that lingers well after the first bite.

Sake also pairs wonderfully with an assortment of foods. Look for more acidic sakes like our Real Magic when pairing with fatty foods and sweeter sakes like Socky to balance saltier foods. Sake aromatics mix wonderfully with most flavor profiles.

Just like our name and our sakes, we pull the best of the local ingredients, varied styles, and ancient traditions that inspire us to make something new and unexpected. Kanpai!

Menu items may contain or come into contact with nuts.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

+Menu Items May Change